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Simple Drain Maintenance

Maintenance is important in preventing clogs and back-ups in your plumbing. Especially in older houses and apartments in the New England area with old plumbing. By regulating what goes into your plumbing you can prevent a clog before is starts. Cleaning out your drain stopper or strainer of any clinging build-up, like hair, food, sediment and grime, prevents the accumulation which can completely clog a drain.

Simple De-Clogging Solutions

Remember that every plumbing appliance, whether sink, toilet or tub, acts as a trap. A trap prevents the back flow of sewer gas back into your home. This is where most clogs occurs. First locate the clog. Also remember that some clogs, especially those cause by paper, will resolve themselves all they need is time. If time doesn't solve the problem try one of these home remedies.

For Clogged Drains:

The Traditional Plunger

Remember this simple tool works just as well as on drains as it does on toilets. Petroleum jelly applied to the rim of the plunger will help the suction. Just remember to keep the toilet plunger separate from the one you use in the sinks.

Enzyme Treatment

There are now safe natural enzyme and bacteria cultures, such as Bio-one® available at Butler Drain Services, that will breakdown or eat organic waste. Once a month use is recommended to keep clogs from happening.

Chemicals Solutions - Not Recommended!

Drano®, Liquid-Plumr® or other chemicals are designed to unclogged drains, just make sure to try other options before resorting to chemicals, since the chemicals can corrode your piping if used in excess and are dangerous to the environment and your family.

Know Your Limits

Please be aware of your abilities and limits. If the clog can not be removed by one of these simple solutions, don't dismantle the pipes in attempt to get at the clog. Some clogs can only be fixed by a licensed plumber. It's time to call Butler Drain Services at (508) 213-8400.

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